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Last Update: March 14, 2017

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Once again I am in the Company's Top 10 Recruiters of new distributors (based on how productive they are), along with 3 of my downline distributors, and again among the Top 100 Retailers nationwide. The trophy has a pretty amber tint. Congrats to our other team members also on the list - see Newsletter #102.     Ditto for 2014 and 2015.

Posted on my Facebook page 3/3/2017:
Finished my taxes Friday, using FreeTaxUSA. Good news I guess is that I now make too little to have to pay any income tax. 
Thank you #FullerBrushCompany RIP for being so mis-managed that you are putting your thousands of distributors out of business along with yourselves. My bonus check for Jan 2017 was $39. Ten years earlier in Jan 2007, my retail team volume for that one month was $103,112.
Long way from my high point building my Fuller team business to over $1-million in sales per year in 2006-2008. After that period, the backorders started mushrooming, Fuller actually told my team members that I was training, to slow down and save some products for other distributors and that we were taking up too much time placing orders, so many large salespeople got disgusted and left. And then on Oct 1, 2016, Fuller stole my entire team that I had built, saying they would handle all the distributors themselves, which turned into so much work that they started charging distributors $10 just to place an order, and fired all of customer service "wasting time" answering questions. The past 5 months show a continued steady decline in products available. I'm closing out in 2017.  See also the Fuller History link.

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT SEPT 11, 2016 from Roland Rhoades - Fuller Brush & Stanley Home Products is changing all the rules Sept 30, drastically cutting what we are able to earn, and taking our wholesale customers and distributors away from us, so not sure what the future holds.  Since 1992 when I first joined, I have recruited, trained, motivated, and answered phone calls and emails from thousands of distributors.

They have decided that ALL distributors or wholesale customers, including the 1200 currently in my reports, are now theirs directly and will no longer pay referral commissions for doing all the work of finding them new distributors and providing training materials like my training website that I built, at the time-expense of not having as much time to retail myself.  In fact, MY TEAM was the only ones creating any advancements to Director or above since 1999. "Lotsa Luck" to them finding the time to answer all the questions before and after recruiting new distributors, especially with them also laying off all the Kansas customer-service people.

They will be allowing us to continue selling, but are also cutting the commissions that we earn on sales. They say it is a matter of finances. I say they are short-sighted and committing suicide.  At age 65, I am hoping to limp along one more year on just my personal sales until I can collect social security.

DWT TRAINING WEBPAGE, was private, many items are now obsolete and removed.
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Does anybody have inventory of any products that were discontinued?  I may be able to send you customers for them. Let me know.
(Have customers wanting: #129 spongemop head, #545 Bath/back brush, #202 Reversible Lintbrush, Sticky Stuff Remover, #512 Club hairbrush, #636 hairbrush cleaning tool, #384 Dental brush, etc.




CALL 1-800-732-1132 for the latest updates on sales, promotions, and recruiting. Updated every 2-4 weeks.
Transcript is also on your backoffice website.


Great for planning your marketing campaigns, and keeping your customers informed about when their favorite products will go on sale again.

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Here is my 2005 Toyota Prius gas-electric hybrid car. Notice the license plate. Only $25 extra in Maine. I charged it as a business advertising expense too. I washed it with 'Fuller Car Wash & Wax'* right before the photo. All paid off in 13 months. Click on the car for more on my Prius page, and more about my vacations on that link.
My car and I, and the head of the Company when he visited me, are also on my home page.
Product discontinued, but I loved it.

TOP DISTRIBUTORS FOR 2012.  Once again I am in the Company's Top 10 Recruiters of new distributors (based on how productive they are), and again among the Top 100 Retailers nationwide.

 Congrats to our other team members also on the list.

 2013 is above. Also 2014 and 2015.

NOTICE re Facebook and other social networks. I am NOT on Facebook for Fuller Brush, so I don't get into Fuller friends or business on there. I only use Facebook for my genealogy (family tree) pursuits and Liberal politics. If those are your interests too, go ahead and friend me with a message. Other requests for Facebook are ignored.  Other social network invitations are automatically directed to spam since I have no time to get involved in them and would never check messages on there anyway. Thanks.
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Calling All LEAVITTs.

Was one of your ancestors a Leavitt?  June 25, 2005 I was elected President of the National Association of Leavitt Families, and Ive been active in researching the Leavitt families for some time; In June 2009 my term expired and I was elected Genealogist for the society. I now have all 18 volumes of our previously published research, and if you share the latest generations of your family with me, I will gladly share what we have back to 1600. Free Leavitt Update e-news available too.  See my Genealogy website at www.RolandRhoades.com specializing in Maine Families.