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Last Update: September 21, 2016

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Once again I am in the Company's Top 10 Recruiters of new distributors (based on how productive they are), along with 3 of my downline distributors, and again among the Top 100 Retailers nationwide. The trophy has a pretty amber tint. Congrats to our other team members also on the list - see Newsletter #102.     Ditto for 2014 and 2015.


Most updates of news you need to know are timely only if YOU take responsibility for your own business and check our Training webpage. Only MY team members receive that link; email me if you think you are on my team. You could be ten levels down, but I'll still offer my assistance. Please put my From Address FBDWT@maine.rr.com in your address book, white list, not-spam, trusted sender list or approved sender list (whatever the name may be in your email client). Otherwise there is a good chance you won't receive my emails. Thanks. - Roland Rhoades

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MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT SEPT 11, 2016 from Roland Rhoades - Fuller Brush & Stanley Home Products is changing all the rules Sept 30, drastically cutting what we are able to earn, and taking our wholesale customers and distributors away from us, so not sure what the future holds.  Since 1992 when I first joined, I have recruited, trained, motivated, and answered phone calls and emails from thousands of distributors.

They have decided that ALL distributors or wholesale customers, including the 1200 currently in my reports, are now theirs directly and will no longer pay referral commissions for doing all the work of finding them new distributors and providing training materials like my training website that I built, at the time-expense of not having as much time to retail myself.  In fact, MY TEAM was the only ones creating any advancements to Director or above since 1999. "Lotsa Luck" to them finding the time to answer all the questions before and after recruiting new distributors, especially with them also laying off all the Kansas customer-service people.

They will be allowing us to continue selling, but are also cutting the commissions that we earn on sales. They say it is a matter of finances. I say they are short-sighted and committing suicide.  At age 65, I am hoping to limp along one more year on just my personal sales until I can collect social security.

I would like to ask ALL CUSTOMERS to please order what they can from me, or their independent distributor, before September 30 when this all takes effect. In fact, I am getting customers stocking up and even doubling their orders this month when I explain.  Thank you very much for your support.

Our online shopping carts will also be shut down Oct 1-6 or so while they adjust our websites.

NEWSLETTER LIBRARY - Past Newsletters in PDF format
2014: #100 February-Spring - 100th issue! #101 May-Summer       #102 August-Fall
#103 November-Winter
2013: #97 Feb-Spring    #98 June-Summer       #99 Fall
2012: #94 Spring - 20th Anniversary issue
#95 Summer    #96 Fall
2011: #90 Feb-Spring   #91 May-Summer
#92 August-Fall     
#93 November-Winter
2010: #86 Feb-Spring   #87 May-Summer  #88 August-Fall   #89 November-Winter 2009: #82 Feb-Spring    #83 May-Summer
#84 August-Fall     #85 November-Winter
2008: #78 Feb-Spring    #79 May-Summer
#80 August-Fall      #81 November-Winter
2007: #73 Jan-Feb    #74 March-April
#75 June   #76 Sept-Oct   #77 Fall-Nov
2006: #67 January-Feb    #68 March-April 
#69 May-June            #70 July-August
#71 September-Oct    #72 November-Dec
2005: #61 January-Feb    #62 March-April 
#63 May-June            #64 July-August
#65 September-Oct    #66 November-Dec
2004: #55 January-Feb    #56 March-April 
#57 May-June            #58 July-August
#59 September-Oct    #60 November-Dec
2003: #49 January-Feb    #50 March-April 
#51 May-June            #52 July-August
#53 September-Oct    #54 November-Dec
Does anybody have inventory of any products that were discontinued?  I may be able to send you customers for them. Let me know.
(Have customers wanting: #129 spongemop head, #545 Bath/back brush, #202 Reversible Lintbrush, Sticky Stuff Remover, #512 Club hairbrush, #636 hairbrush cleaning tool, #69631 Premium Floor Care, #384 Dental brush, etc.


See above for Library of past issues in Adobe PDF.
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All signup specials and the opportunity to recruit are cancelled by Fuller effective Sept 30, 2016.

* NEW Postage rates 4/2016: A 3oz mailing in a #10 or 6x9 envelope will mail for
89Ę, 2oz 68Ę.

 However, more than 3oz, or a 9x12 envelope, nearly doubles the cost. See usps.com for full details and rates.  


If you are a new distributor,
make sure you qualify for all the potential bonuses, summarized  at www.FullerBrushDWT.com/money.htm 
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The rest of the Company doesn't have this. For OUR Team members only. It was created by Roland Rhoades and Mark Haynes to put US a cut above the rest. {And just may be the reason why OUR team has had the Company's last 22 Director or above promotions!} We guard this site and you receive it after you join with a DWT member. Totally re-done Spring 2013.

It has PRODUCT PROMOTION & EDUCATION for you and your customers. NEW flyers available to photocopy including Fulsol, Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper, Fuller Difference in Bathroom Cleaning,  Boar-bristle hairbrushes, Stainless Steel Sponges, our Full-Connect Handle products,  Deodorant Moth blocks, and the Dryer Vent Brush - Refrigerator Coil Brush. See the 8x11 flyers. It also has our training manuals on many subjects. Updated regularly.

We also announce anything new, many times before the Company does.

Please add your product testimonials to the many more posted on our Discussion Board. Sharing our product experiences helps us all when we work and learn as a Team.  Thanks.

Here is my 2005 Toyota Prius gas-electric hybrid car. Notice the license plate. Only $25 extra in Maine. I charged it as a business advertising expense too. I washed it with 'Fuller Car Wash & Wax'* right before the photo. All paid off in 13 months. Click on the car for more on my Prius page, and more about my vacations on that link.
My car and I, and the head of the Company when he visited me, are also on my home page.
Product discontinued, but I loved it.


   Donít make this business more complicated than it is or more simple than it is. If you sit at home and donít tell anyone you have Fuller Brush products available, but just wait hoping somebody will find you anyway and order products on your website, you shouldnít have joined. But as any active dealer can testify, if you actually tell people that you sell FB products and have catalogs, people will be asking you for catalogs and products, and telling their friends about you. Buy your own Fuller products. You donít have to sell people on Fuller, but you do have sell yourself on Fuller and speak up and tell them that you are here. I see many applications come through each month from someone in the same town as a current dealer, but they were sponsored by someone across the country. You NEED to get your name out there if you want the business! Use the flyers in your kit and place [classified] ads in your local weekly shopper newspaper. I also get many questions that we have already answered in our training manuals. Everybody should be sure to read our DWT Manuals. They are FREE on our training website. Manual 1 gives getting started info and sample ads. Manual 2 and 3 are on recruiting. Manual 4 is on retailing.

Stay in touch and let me know how things are going.  Iím always here if you canít reach your own sponsor. Thatís one advantage of being on our TEAM. Keep your eyes on the horizon, as well as your bottom line.

TOP DISTRIBUTORS FOR 2012.  Once again I am in the Company's Top 10 Recruiters of new distributors (based on how productive they are), and again among the Top 100 Retailers nationwide.

 Congrats to our other team members also on the list.

 2013 is above. Also 2014 and 2015.

NOTICE re Facebook and other social networks. I am NOT on Facebook for Fuller Brush, so I don't get into Fuller friends or business on there. I only use Facebook for my genealogy (family tree) pursuits and Liberal politics. If those are your interests too, go ahead and friend me with a message. Other requests for Facebook are ignored.  Other social network invitations are automatically directed to spam since I have no time to get involved in them and would never check messages on there anyway. Thanks.
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