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Scottish Fold - Silka

The Fuller Brush Cat

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Silka with her Daddy, Roland Rhoades  -  and with her Mommy, Cyndy Poirier
Actually, we are not her natural parents; we adopted her.
Silka born March 17, 2002 South Portland ME
left age 5 weeks; right about 9 weeks
Silka has since passed away, on May 30, 2019, a lover girl til the end.  17's not bad.

Scottish Folds are a 40-year old breed that happened accidentally in Scotland from British Shorthairs. The ears remain folded down all their life, we think it makes her look even cuter. Silka is called a "double fold" because her ears are double folded down tight to her head. She can also wiggle her ears. Scottish Folds are typically a very warm, happy, friendly, and loving breed with a great easy-going temperament. She has a really tiny meow.

Silka above playing around at age 8-12 weeks. The right one is from one of my Office windows. In the left one above, you can see our cats' pen so they can get fresh air, but still be protected from dogs and getting lost. You can see the tower and a ramp that they like.

and below, helping me on the computer. She loves playing with my pens...

Silka is my Fuller Brush Cat.

The apple of daddy's eye

Silka became the apple of my eye right from the beginning, finding a home in my office chair.

Here is Huggy, the mother of Silka and Selkey.

And a photo of Selkey and Silka age 5 weeks.
Silka looks so much like her mother.  
It is now official. Judy, the breeder, placed Silka in a Cat Show, where she won "Best of Color" among other ribbons. It didn't affect her modesty; she always knew she was special.

And 3 Professional Photos of her at the Cat Show:

Memorial to our Little Boy, Griswold Poirier 1996-2009

Warning to all dog owners: Watch your dog!
Dogs are being picked off one at a time. They are falling in great numbers.

Police in the
US advise all dog owners to "Watch your Dog".



Well, city kitties may be like that.


In Maine,

you never know who your kitty will make friends with.



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