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John Leavitt was born 1608 and settled in Hingham MA in the 1630s, after first arriving in Dorchester. Since John Leavitt's descendants are more numerous, we break those branches down to his 5 sons who had families, Samuel, Israel, Moses, Josiah, and Nehemiah, and his daughters.


PLYMOUTH - see bottom of page

Hingham was a terrific reunion at the historic Old Ship Church and their separate building across the street. I'm looking forward to going back. We found the actual old slate gravestones for our immigrant ancestor John Leavitt 1608-1691 and his son Israel Leavitt 1648-1696, and many others.

Photos by Roland Rhoades for the National Association of Leavitt Families. Click on photos for larger versions, which opens a new window which you can close afterwards. If you wish to save for your personal use, save the larger copy.

School Street. You will see a small 3-space parking lot; park and walk to your left. These main stones are on that walkway, and the brick tomb is a unique feature of the cemetery.  When the Old Ship Church cemetery road was widened a century later, some remains that were identifiable were brought to this cemetery. It is believed that the remains near the old stone of John were brought here, so it is likely the tomb includes the remains of his wife also.  Possibly likewise with Israel.
2011: Hingham Historical Society is working to restore and preserve these old stones.
Our Forefather
Leavitt tomb, with Israel left, John right NALF plaque for John Leavitt "Here lyeth buried ye body of Deacon John Leauitt aged 83 years Died Nouember ye 20 1691"
John & Israel Tomb Cover. There is writing on it. Can anybody decipher it?
Hingham Historical Society: Do you have any old record of what it said?
B. Israel Leavitt b 1648, son of John. Here lyeth ye body of Israel Leavitt aged 48 years Died December ye 26 1699 [sic 1696 in VR] C-D. Elizabeth Leavitt, sister (of Jacob & Elijah) Died May 8 1867 aged 71 yrs. C-D. Elizabeth-7, born 2 Apr 1796. (John, Israel, John, John, Jacob, Elijah)
C. Jacob Leavitt C. Jacob Leavitt,
1 Apr 1800 - 28 May 1879
D. Elijah Leavitt
D. Elijah Leavitt,
20 Apr 1803 - 23 July 1876
E. Thomas Jones Leavitt, May 25 1829 - Nov 11 1904 (John, Israel, John, John, Jacob, John, John). 
His wife Mary V Stodder Dec 6 1833 - Sept 2 1894.
Dau Lilla M Leavitt May 5 1864 - Oct 23 1882.
E. Rev of Thomas Leavitt stone.  Charles H Bodge 1835-1926.
Leah B his wife 1842-1925.
N. Capt Adna Cushing died Apr 30 1830 aged 45 years.  Sarah Leavitt his wife died June 26 1859 aged 71 years (John, Israel, John, John, Jacob) M. Meredith Richard Abbey Nov 13 1884 - Feb 10 1936.
Hester Jacob Leavitt Abbey July 15 1897 - Feb 20 1982 (John, Israel, John, John, Jacob, Ezra, Abner, William Henry)
L. Guess I missed this stone. Abraham Leavitt-4 (John, Israel, Abraham-3)
11 Dec 1714 - 1753
Hester's sister Marjorie Loring Leavitt Gibson 16 Dec 1894 - 1950 Husband William Gibson 1894 - 1 May 1929. Ensign USN in WWI. American Legion emblem. Leavitt Lane 1767-1836, Israel Leavitt line.
Sally Leavitt Lane 1772-1832, Josiah line.
    Another section of the cemetery has more Leavitts. Anyone local who can take more photos?

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HINGHAM CENTER CEMETERY - Descendants of JOSIAH LEAVITT (with Lot# from Leavitt list)
G. Martin Lincoln Leavitt (John, Josiah, Hezekiah, Joshua), 9 July 1793-2 June 1868 Tirzah Pratt Jones, first wife, 1794-30 Nov 1832 Lydia Jones, 2nd wife, 12 May 1793-8 Dec 1874
F. David Leavitt, son of Martin, 8 Feb 1820-10 Apr 1876 Martha A Davis, wife 1822-1887 Not on lot map, but near Martin. I had to search and compare data in our database to read this stone, and his wife's stone certainly helped. JEROME LEAVITT (looks like the stone could say Jerom)  (John, Josiah, Hezekiah, Joshua) half-brother of Martin, 12 Aug 1766 - 27 Feb 1855.
[no photo - anyone have one?]  
Mrs Sarah, first wife of Jerome Leavitt and daughter of Ebenezer Lincoln died Jan 6 1825, aged 55 years. I. Hannah Leavitt Whitcomb, dau of Martin, 11 Apr 1830 - 1908 Israel Whitcomb, 1828-1895

See also the Hingham Historical Society website for more cemetery info.
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This is the cemetery behind Old Ship Church
Main Street



Section A
The Old Section:
Lot 1 Plot 46
Lot 18-19 Plot 3-4:

Old Tomb Cover
 7 photos of the 2000 Leavitt Monument to our Founding Family. 2011:
A very nice monument installed by the Western Assn of Leavitt Families,
but with unproven English data, and without town approval or guidance.
They placed this huge monument on top of an old Leavitt tomb; I can read
the words "Leavitt" and "Tomb" but nothing else on that huge old granite
tomb cover, and the weight has broken it in half at the rear of the monument.
Not sure which Leavitts were originally buried there, but not the two first generations.

A monument to Hingham's First Settlers

installed by the Town to mark a section
of unknown and/or early burials.

Hobart lot with ch Sally & ? & Leavitt.
Double line descends from Israel Leavitt.
Leavitt Hobart monument
Leavitt Hobart stone rear
Leavitt Hobart monument
Josiah Leavitt old slate stone is also in here somewhere, reportedly beside the church building..  
Leavitt Hobart monument - side   Section D, Lots 3,4,13, Plot 66, 140:
Alden - Leavitt Lot  (Josiah line)
Also pictured 'Father' William Foster
30 Mar 1807 - 8 Jan 1877
'Mother' Lydia Ann (Ripley) Foster
24 July 1810 - 16 Mar 1892
Front & Back
Albert Leavitt  1832 - 1907 (son of Martin & Tirzah - see above cem)
Abby J (Abigail James Foster) his wife 1834 - 1907
Minnie Ripley Leavitt Alden
22 Sep 1864 H - 5 May 1915 Boston
Morton Alden of Dorchester MA
1848 - 1935
Priscilla Alden side 1
Priscilla Alden  1895 - 1914
VR: b 28 Sep 1895 Boston,
d 23 June 1914 Boston acute Leukemia, age 18,8,25
 Daughter - photo of other side missed
1893 - 1976
VR: Katherine b 8 Jan 1893 Boston
SSDI: April 1976 Plymouth
Maria L Hooper angel monument
17 Sep 1827 - 1 Apr 1891
no Leavitt relation
PLIMOTH PLANTION TOUR  1627 Village  - photos by Roland Rhoades 2008

The Mayflower women


<< This large monument has the names of all those believed to be buried on Copps Hill. The settlers did not dare mark the first graves for fear of the Indians knowing how many were dying. Over the many years whenever remains were found unearthed, they were deposited here for safekeeping.
Video Slide Show of the Cemetery

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