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Life has no remote. Change it yourself with Fuller Brush.

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work." --Thomas Edison
"I would much rather push myself than have a boss pushing me telling me what to do and when and how high to jump. I spent this workday walking around the yard after last night's rain to look at all the berries and flowers coming out. Financial freedom!" -- Roland Rhoades

As I posted on Facebook 9/4/13 and got a bunch of Likes: "On this Wednesday weekday when most people were stuck at work, Cyndy and I took advantage of my self-employment as an internet Fuller Brush Man, and spent a few hours at Crescent Beach in Cape Elizabeth, picking up lunch to eat there. The water was warmer than I expected. 80-degrees and only a few dozen people there. Very nice day."

Presented by
Roland Rhoades,
Fuller Brush
Division Director, & Head of The DownEast Winning Team

10 Blackberry Ln
Gorham ME 04038

Phone/Voicemail: 1.207.892.0923


Celebrating Over 100 Years!
WE  ARE  HIRING - Help Wanted Nationwide

OUR Team is celebrating 25 Years of Fuller Gold


Updated September 14, 2016

110 Years of manufacturing premium quality hairbrushes, specialty cleaning brushes, environmental cleaners, personal care products, gift items, and more.
2. Wholesale Access for Cleaning Companies
3. Web Affiliate program for Fundraising Organizations
4. Or just Wholesale Access for You, Friends, & Family!


FAST START BONUSES: Join and order $200+ by Sept 30, 2016

New products are available at about half-price less your standard commission, one per distributor.

Open the Gates of Opportunity!

  Thank you for "opening the gates" to the Fuller Brush home business opportunity.  What a great way to gain financial success. Out of the thousands of "home business opportunities" out there, chances are most of them will be gone by next year.

As of Sept 30, 2016, the distributor recruiting and network marketing program will cease, and everyone will be retailers directly with the Company.

There is time for a quick $200+ order at wholesale to earn the bonuses.

Details here.

One Company has stood the test of time: THE FULLER BRUSH COMPANY has built a reputation of quality and integrity. A Real Company that manufactures Real Quality American-made products for home and business, "Designed to Work, Crafted to Last, and Satisfaction Guaranteed" that have been an American Tradition and Legend since 1906 - A Century of Superior Home Cleaning Solutions. Few companies in America have the name recognition and product quality satisfaction guarantee that this "Sleeping Giant" has. Fuller has over 200 quality products that every home or small business needs and wants: natural-bristle hairbrushes, uniquely styled specialty cleaning brushes, brooms, mops, environmental cleaners - ready to use and concentrates - without harsh fumes, personal care, gift items, and Stanley Home Products. Fuller Brush became such a household name that Hollywood even made two Fuller Brush movies, starring Red Skelton and Lucille Ball.  The Fuller Gold program’s goal is to restore the Fuller Brush Company to the pre-eminent role in American life it once had, and will have again!    Come and JOIN US in our quest.
Whether you are looking for customers or distributors, when you mention Fuller Brush, people listen. Q. WHY should I join Fuller Brush - Stanley Home Products?
A. Work your own schedule! Build a part-time or full-time business, earning $300/month or $3000/month or more, without the overhead of a store, inventory, thousands of dollars in investment, or employees to tie you down. 24hr audio newsletter with the latest news, and distributor only product specials is at 1-800-732-1132. Start a full-time business for under $60. There are thousands of opportunities out there.  Why work hard building your financial future with a company or an opportunity that may be gone next year, when you can team up with an American Legend? TIME Magazine credits Fuller Brush with an 80% name recognition. Public response makes this business FUN. You don't have to sell people on this company or the products - one of the biggest obstacles in most programs. Fuller has the stability and name recognition to make your job much easier. Fuller has a diversified product line that people use everyday, priced to be economical over time with their superior quality. "The Fuller Difference" means your customers will be calling to tell you how great the products work and how they do MORE than the product claims on the label, instead of less like store brand products. That means repeat business. Your business includes a mailorder and internet business. Fuller is over 100 Years Old. Instead of people asking who you are and why they would need your product, the general response will be: "Fuller Brush! Where have you been? I haven’t seen you in ages. Do you still have ____? Can I have a catalog?" It makes selling so much easier, and fun.
Here are some reasons people are joining Our Winning Team.
What would you like?

See "About us" for more about joining the right Team.

Fuller provides you websites to sell or recruit.


your Fuller Brush distributorship also includes a sales website and ...





  • TEAMWORK. Start and maintain Your Own Business with little to no startup or overhead expense. Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself, with our Teamís 25 years experience guiding you. Join the right Company AND the right Team.  If you are talking with other distributors about joining, ask if they are on our team. EVERY ONE of the Company's Director or above advancements this past decade were on Our Team which has an exclusive distributor training website that other Fuller Brush groups do not have, plus the free print newsletters.

  •  Wholesale Preferred Customers. Buy direct from Fuller at a discount, or just sell enough to get your products FREE, your commission paying for your own products. If you appreciate quality economical products that last a long time and do the job right the first time, buy Fuller Brush or Stanley Home products for yourselves and family (or your business). 

  •  SALES +/or RECRUITING. Make a living just selling the products. Fuller has provided Americans with full and part time incomes for 100 years. The top salespeople sell over $8000 per month personally. People who donít think they want network marketing DO like knowing that if someone says they want to sell too, instead of them becoming your competition, you can sign them up and they deal directly with Fuller for everything, but you get referral commissions on their sales.  5/08 Update: Just send people to Fuller's new on-line application to sign people up with no paperwork.

  •  Mail-order/internet. Build a nationwide business with repeat sales, or a network marketing organization with a quality product line, and have the Help and Support needed to succeed. 3 for 1: The Company will give you a Free immediate replicated website selling both Fuller Brush and Stanley Home Products and Fuller Home Products, as well as being your recruiting tool and business back-office.  Just tell your customers about it!

  •  Fund-raising. Churches or organizations can join for FREE to raise money through our program. Simply join our web affiliate program as an individual or as an organization, referring people to the website for sales and commissions.

  •  MONEY. Others want lots of spending money, or a full time income to get away from a dead-end job that they hate (that was my [fulfilled] reason), to be in the business of controlling and increasing their leisure time, donít quit over the first detour in their success plan, and are positive people who enjoy talking with other people.

  •   NO requirements. YOU decide which of the above aspects of the business that you enjoy and do. No monthly quotas.  Positive Motivating Public response.


   Alfred C Fuller was fired from three successive jobs, but had no doubt that he would one day be successful.
   He received only a meager rural education in his home in Nova Scotia, but he was determined to make it in the sales world, and not be merely a pawn of a boss determining his success.
   After a year of selling brushes, he quit and set up his own shop in the Boston area. With a total investment of $375, he established his own brush company.
   From the start, he based his company's future on three basic rules: Make it work, make it last, and guarantee it.
   Within a month, he had 260 salespeople, each of whom paid $17 for the privilege of selling his brushes. Within a decade, his company's revenue ballooned to $15-million, a fortune in 1916.
   By believing in himself and insisting on the best, Alfred Fuller created the legendary Fuller Brush Man, one of the country's first door-to-door salesmen.

   The legend continues today. You can buy from independent distributors nationwide in person, mail/phone order, or on the internet. You can also become someone determining their own future as a distributor by being sponsored by a current distributor. The Company does not directly recruit; they have distributors to do that for them.  They make the products, we sell and market them.

   Do you have the determination and ambition to take charge of your own destiny?  We now sell under one umbrella : Fuller Brush products, Stanley Home Products, and the brand new line of Fuller Home Products.  Come join us!

Important Notice Feb 2009:
I heard on the news that the economy was terrible. That's a terrible thing to promote! What you concentrate on becomes true. I'm self-employed as a Fuller Brush Man. I haven't noticed any economic problems. I still earn more than enough to pay bills and save for retirement, completely debt-free (that means credit cards, car, and own home), and have job security. On top of that, I spend half my time playing on the computer researching my family history. I recommend that you stop listening to the news and create your own economic future as a self-employed Fuller Brush distributor. For fastest growth, take advantage of some local direct sales, AND nationwide mailorder and internet sales, AND sponsoring other people into this terrific opportunity. See my Newsletters for just how business is.
- Roland Rhoades  {2014 - still the same, business is great}

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MY AWARDS for TOP 10 SPONSORING PERFORMER NATIONWIDE (based on how productive the new distributors are).
PHOTO TAKEN OUTSIDE MY OFFICE. Other years' awards on the More Photos page.
See Newsletter page for 2011-2014.

I am also among the Top 100 Retailers in the company each year. 

Standard Disclaimer: This website wording ©2000-2016 for use by our members only. Promotional material written and © by Roland Rhoades, DownEast Winning Team, Full-time Independent Distributor & Division Director. This website content is written by an Independent Distributor and not by the Fuller Brush Company itself. Buying a distributor kit and just looking at it won't make you rich, but it certainly gives you the potential to reward any ambition you may have to get ahead in this world.