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Free Credit Reports & ID-Theft tips
Free Anti-virus program
Free Firewall
Free Spyware Killer
Free Computer & Software Cleaner
Free Internet & Computer training
Free Word Processor & Office software
Free Fuller Brush Distributor Kit
Free Billions of $$ to make America strong again
Free Group Mailing program
Free website design tools
Free 800#
Free Fax #
Free $$ from your credit card
Free $$ and supplies from Staples

Free Computer Advice Newsletters
Free Genealogy program for family tree research
Convert your documents to PDF for Free
Free tax preparation software
... and much more

Thank you for being a part of our team, or if you aren't, please DO let this advance appreciation gift of freebies influence your decision to join us, or to place an order for our good quality environmental products with us. If you are a part of our team, then you should have our private training website address with many more goodies.

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FREE CREDIT REPORTS.  Don't pay to join something that offers "free" credit reports like Get it free for real. See the FTC website page here. Check out all the scams too.

Identity Theft is a real concern, although it only happens to a small fraction of people. Minimize your risk by simple updates of your data. Mother's maiden name is an obsolete form of security and I'm surprised banks and credit cards still use it, but it is probably the most simple security question for them to use. Mother's maiden name is very easy to find via obituaries, wedding announcements, and genealogy (family tree) printouts and books, and especially with the internet. Use an alternative security question like your first or favorite pet, teacher, or school, etc, something nobody could guess or find in print.

Let's start off with the most important thing in the world if you have your own computer:

FREE, Full Time Virus Protection

How do you recognize a virus? These days, if you don't have a virus program, you can't. They can come disguised as return mail from the mailer-daemon, as a safe sounding attachment, as "here's a funny website", as "dangerous virus removal tools", or even without any attachment. And if your computer has a virus, it can spread itself to everyone you know, and you'll be left without any friends.  Really, if you don't have an up-to-date virus program, you should NOT be emailing anybody.

If you are like most people, you purchased a computer with a trial version of a good, trusted anti-virus program. But, when the trial is over, you have to pay for new virus definition files. And if you are like most people, you never subscribed to the paid service. Which leaves you protected ONLY against OLD viruses. When a new virus comes along, you are vulnerable.

Let's also get clear on how to operate a virus program. Installing it and never running it does virtually nothing. You should be downloading the free updates daily or as available, and run the entire program every week (or daily if you're on-line much) [Bootup virus scan does not check everything, so set a time when your computer is on for the program to deep-scan everything automatically, or manually start the scan.] 

There IS a FREE reliable anti-virus program, which offers full time virus protection, as well as FREE updates of NEW virus definitions. I have used this program for a couple years and am very happy with it.

AVG Anti Virus is the name of the program, produced by a company called Grisoft. And it is 100% free. The program stops viruses in their tracks, runs in the background full-time, and can be set to automatically update itself at intervals you choose, or can be updated manually anytime you like. New virus definition files are ALWAYS free. [They also have paid versions which I don't think you need since it doesn't give you any extra protection, just technical support and advanced interactivity, which I've never needed.]

12/09 update: I have learned that they hide the link to give this program away. You can get one month, but then you need to pay. But, I still recommend it. If you use the link below, I believe you can still get the free version.

Do yourself a huge favor. Check out the AVG Anti Virus web site, and download the program. Note: In order to activate the program properly, you must register before you download, and give your correct email address. The company will NOT send you spam. They will ONLY contact you for two reasons:

1 - To give you a "serial number" so you can finish installation of the program, and
2 - To alert you when new virus definition files are released.

Go now to

FREE, Full Time Virus Protection AND Firewall

A first line of defense is a firewall, especially if you have an always-on cable or dsl connection. There are free ones, and it took me time to find one that works, with instructions as to how to use it. I've tried and rejected "tinypersonalfirewall" and "kerio personal firewall".  I just got windows popping up asking me to accept or reject ICMP packets and all kinds of things that I don't know about.
I was having troubles with my Outlook Express again in January 2004. I called Gateway and they had me temporarily uninstall my virus program.  My ISP, Roadrunner, had also just a week earlier offered a FREE year of a combination antivirus program and firewall from Computer Associates. I LOVE IT. You really only think about YOU connecting to outside websites; you assume that outside websites aren't contacting your personal computer. WRONG!  In just the first day, the firewall caught "217 attempted intrusions, 18 high-rated". As I write this, 2 days later, it is 475 and 29.   See update in next paragraphs.

12/09 update: A computer technician told me that my computer bootup problems were CAUSED BY the Computer Associates program that Roadrunner provides. Stick with AVG.

November 2007 Update.  If you use Windows XP or later, download the free SP3 Update!  It is the best update I've ever seen from Microsoft. It makes the Windows XP Firewall usable and effective. It blocks popups unless you click to allow, blocks web-link pictures in your emails until you click that you want to see them, and blocks websites from seeing that you've opened their email. And more. You don't need any other firewall.


Do you get more than your share of ad windows popping up on your computer screen?  Chances are that it's not by chance.  Websites that you visit can install spyware on your computer without your knowledge. They then sell your websurfing habits to advertisers who will send you popup ads similar to places you've visited, even if you haven't opened your browser. It was messing up my computer and even my ability to send email. I also kept getting a program called Weathercast downloading to my computer without my knowledge or consent. Sounds like it might be a decent program, but I won't even look at any program that hijacks my computer. I also refuse to look at popup windows, no matter how interesting it might sound.

Calling the Roadrunner Help Desk April 12 when my email wouldn't work stumped the help technician. He had me turn my firewall off so he could ping to my computer and it still wasn't working right. So he said to try browsing the internet. With my firewall off, instead of my Roadrunner Homepage, I now had a homepage. He knew immediately what was going on. I uninstalled my firewall (for now at least). Then he told me to go to to download their FREE Ad-ware Standard program that finds all those trojans, cookies and worse that lurk throughout your computer.  It identifies the bad ones and roots them out. It even found more Xupiter files, IPInsight files, Gator, and over 50 others. Spyware can even stop your access to your favorites and search engines! If your computer is acting erratic, it's probably time for you to download this terrific program. It fixed my problem. I didn't need a firewall to block intruders; the intruders were already in my computer! My computer is now running smoothly again.

For a PC Magazine article about spyware, go to:,4149,978170,00.asp 

7/7/05 Update:
I was reading my Anchordesk e-news which referred me to a PC Magazine article on anti-spyware programs. I uninstalled my Lavasoft program and installed their recommended Microsoft Antispyware program, which is FREE to everyone until Dec 31, 2005. 5/08: I'm still getting it free, so check it out. It found stuff that Lavasoft did not. Get it here. Now called Windows Defender.

10/08: See my recommendation 3 topics down.


Before we go any further, let me tell you how to download. I remember when I got started, I was very confused by the boxes popping up asking ME questions, wondering how the heck should I know what I want my computer to do?  
When you download something, a box will pop up asking whether you want to run it from it's current location, or save it to disk [meaning your hard drive disk]. If you are on a dialup, click on save to disk; otherwise you're not really downloading it. Broadband can usually do everything in one step, so run will work, unless it is something you want to make sure has a backup copy on your computer. Sometimes you can just click "Open" and it downloads and installs automatically. Usually, everything else prompts you to just click OK, but sometimes Windows will show you saving a new program in your "My Music" file or something off the wall like that. Typically, you want the new program to install under C:\ Programs or Program Files.
If you are opening a file in an email, you can usually just run it from the current location when you open it instead of saving it to a new file on your computer.


The Belarc Advisor builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware, including Microsoft Hotfixes, and displays the results in your Web browser. All of your PC profile information is kept private on your PC and is not sent to any web server.


My new computer was slowing down, so I fell for a commercial on TV for software from Ascentive. It certainly did find lots of stuff, but it also seemed to be a problem in itself with popups, besides wanting $49 to fix what it found. And I just took a computer class 9/08 telling me just that. That instructor said to never download anything without first checking out independent geek reviews on to see if it really works. No reviews are as bad as bad reviews. Ascentive adds its own malware to create problems which it can then "find" for you.

He and cnet recommend a totally FREE program called Software CCleaner (not a typo) and you can download it at . This is a multitasker program that will clean out old files.  Have you ever installed or removed programs? Who hasn't?  Guess what? Those removed programs are still there in the background slowing your computer down. This program will easily find and remove them with its registry cleaner.

Also get Spybot Search & Destroy for spyware or malware. Check it out at


The next best thing you can do is to learn all about your computer. If you can read, then READ. I never found that structured classes really helped me do what I wanted to do. Learning on your own works best, if you have some guidance. Search the internet for limitless computer advice websites and blogs, borrow Smart Computing and other magazines from the Library, and go to .

I recommend Kim Komando who has her own weekly talk radio show, and you can subscribe to her newsletter, a free service of The Kim Komando Computer Show, one of the Top 10 Most Listened to Programs in the United States! Sign up at:

The next most important place to go is and peruse their website and sign up for their Anchordesk Newsletter. I call this place the consumer reports of the internet. Advice and News of what is going on in the Computer World.  They also have great free downloads of programs. And of course, .

Is your email inbox so loaded with virus warnings that you don't take any of them seriously? A real virus warning will come directly from your virus software company. In fact some fake virus warnings will have real viruses attached. And stories about religious programs being taken off the air with a petition of hundreds of names (and hundreds of email addresses including yours publicized right there for the spammers to take advantage of). Stories about dying or missing children? "WTC Survivor" virus. Lies about the ACLU or Jane Fonda. Email taxes from the Post Office. etc. etc. Some virus hoaxes even get you to delete REAL Windows programs out of your computer (like the teddy bear icon)! How do you know what's real and what's a hoax?  

Before you clutter up the internet channels any more than they already are, please read this message debunking these hoaxes, and "reply all" to the email by copying and pasting this letter to them. Message here in a new window.

Be aware that any email received looking like an official email from Microsoft that includes an attachment of a security update, is REALLY a worm virus. The only updates you should download from Microsoft are directly from from their REAL website. Microsoft NEVER emails you with attachments.

Some worms open as soon as you open the email with a box prompting you to save the attachment. If this happens, it is a VIRUS. Click CANCEL instead of save and delete the email, and you should be safe.
Are your friends sending you viruses? Maybe, maybe not. A virus will search for email addresses on the infected computer and send them out with that name as the Sender!  So if you get an email from a friend (or even from yourself) with a virus, it is probably not even from them; it's from someone who has that person in their address book.  That's why you should encourage EVERYONE who uses email to USE A REGULARLY UPDATED VIRUS PROGRAM or get the heck off the internet. No money is no excuse; use the free one mentioned above.
2007 viruses seem to be focusing on once-safe attachments like .pdf and even photos of ads.  If you don't know the sender, ignore and delete the email without clicking on anything.

GET THE WORD PROGRAM FREE ?!  Dec 2014 update

One of the most widely used programs in computerland is Microsoft Word (94% market share; Wordperfect is 1%) . But, it is certainly not cheap.  How would you like the same thing for FREE?   Open Office is a FREE clone of Microsoft Office.
Note: It's not perfect. I recently did a trial of switching documents back and forth. Both OpenOffice Word and Microsoft
Word change the formatting of the other; you'll have to do some re-editing. It's very usable though if you don't plan on extensive switching. This also includes Excel and the other main MS programs.

LIBRE OFFICE - The Open Office developers moved on and created a better program, and they call is LIBRE OFFICE.  World governments, and local state governments in the US use this, along with many large and small businesses.  Check it out for yourself. Search for LIBRE OFFICE and read the Wikipedia article and then go to their website.  This includes the equivalents of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, etc.

MAKE PDF Adobe Acrobat files for free. Yes, you can convert your Word documents, efaxes, scanned documents, and more into easily readable PDF documents for free with a FREE program called Fineprint. Download Fineprint PDF Factory at

If your printer won't already print 2 or 4 pages per page when you want to reduce your paper use, download the regular fineprint program too.

NEW - EVEN BETTER: PDF Factory adds an advertising line to your documents. One of our dealers told me about with a free program that does the same without the advertising line. I have changed over and I like it; documents are even clearer too.

EVEN BETTEREST: Office 2007 also now has a FREE add-on to immediately convert an Office document to pdf, better than the above two items.

If you haven't become a Fuller Brush distributor yet, we also offer you a FREE one-year distributorship and kit, or kits with free products. You also receive a FREE website from Fuller Brush exactly like the one you see when you click on the Fuller Direct button below. Click on Business Opportunity for all the details or call me, Roland Rhoades, at 1-800-775-1113. 

Shop on my FullerDirect website, get discount prices on dozens of Fuller and Stanley products, and get a FREE Master Catalog.

I have decided to save the BEST motivational and inspirational quotes and stories on a separate page on my website. Just click here: MOTIVATIONAL MOMENTS

Let's make America strong and secure again. The US has been spending more and earning less the past few years. We need a balanced federal budget again to create financial stability for our children's futures, proper educational support for our children, and we need to provide proper healthcare for our seniors, AND EVERY family for that matter. We are the richest country in the world. No one who knows what they are talking about can say that we don't have the money. It's just a matter of priorities. What are your priorities? The silent majority will get stepped on unless you make your educated opinions known.

I urge one and all to watch a free Fun video on America's skewed budget priorities, by Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream fame. It tells how to find the missing BILLIONS of $$ in the federal budget. And watch the video to balance the budget with nuclear weapons too.

FREE Group Mailing program. 

Mail to 100 people with one click, and personalize each one "Hi Roland Rhoades" too! (or even use other names). They are mailed individually, one by one, so you don't have any cc: or bcc: bulk mail issues. This is what I use to mail my Fuller Brush Newsletters to my distributors and customers. I also use it for group mailings to church members, my genealogy contacts, and just groups of friends and family. Since I use a different email for personal and business, this program will also accommodate that as well.  NO fees at all, though there is a paid version that you can upgrade to. Paid version is worth it if you typically mail to more than 100 at a time. Claim it as a business expense.

Go to to read all about the program and download it. 

2013: I changed to a new program that is more spam-compliant and doesn't upset your email provider, but still free. Check out

FREE 800 Number
I get many people asking me where to get a good inexpensive 800#. First let's discuss the need for an 800#. An 800# is simply a cheaper way for people to call you collect; it's not free to you. Toll free numbers now begin with the 800, 866, 877, and 888 prefixes. If you want a number for customers to call you, most of them will be able to call your local number anyway. Your mailorder customers can call Fuller Brush's 800#s with your ID# to order or ask product questions. If you want to advertise the business opportunity nationally like I do, then an 800# can very important. Many people though will not object to having to pay for their own phone call to you after they join. I make my 800# available to ALL prospects, customers, and distributors because I want NO EXCUSES of not being able to call their sponsor or upline for upline support. I have the 1-800-775-1113 number that I got in 1992. That and my local number ring into my same phone. If you want a separate voicemail service, that's a whole different story.

Phone rates are one of the items these days that keep going down in price, so don't sign any long term contracts with any company. Until I switched to internet $39/month unlimited service, I paid 4.5c/minute with Applewood Communications (formerly EZTel) for out-of-state long distance service - both my outgoing calls and my incoming 800 calls. They charge no setup fee, no monthly fees, no minimums, and charges per second, which means your phone bills will show 1c and 2c charges for short calls, and even some free ones if you hang up as soon as you get an answering machine. To get the free 800#, you need to change your regular out-of-state long distance service to them. Your 800# will also work in-state, but charges are set higher by your individual state. Most long distance companies will give you a free 800# these days, but the price varies widely, some charging over $20 per month whether you use it or not. Check your own company first and decide if you want to change.  I now only have the 800# with them, and have a $5 monthly fee.

You can reach Applewood at 1-434-376-8946. Mention that Roland Rhoades 800-775-1113 referred you.  Refer others and get 5% of their phone bill credited on your phone bill. Ask for their best rates and mention my rates if they offer higher rates than these. They also have free billpayer service automatically charging your credit card or checking account, saving you a stamp to pay your bill. They email your itemized bill to you first so you know how much will be deducted. Paper billing is slightly higher.

I had efax for a long time as a free fax # to sends faxes into my email inbox. Very handy. But then they started charging money. I switched to MaxEmail and their faxes come already converted to a pdf. I've been using it for free for over a year and I love the quality. I even fax stuff to myself to create a pdf. I wouldn't hesitate to pay for it if they sent me a bill. Go to MaxEmail. They did finally send me a bill, but it's very cheap and worth it.
I finally got rid of this because faxing is so 20th-century.  Just scan and email.

FREE MONEY from your credit cards.

Are you tired of paying interest on your credit cards? In the first place, you should be earning more money before you spend it with your credit cards, if you can't pay it in full. Learn to live simply. See the business opportunity page of this website if you need extra part-time or full-time cash and a home business of your own.
I get tons of credit card offers. If I didn't cancel them, I'd have a 6-digit credit card limit. And I DO cancel any card that doesn't pay me at least 1% CASH BACK from ALL my purchases. I just cut up my Discover Card which merely offered UP TO 2%, but started at 1/4%. My latest card pays me 1% on everything and 3% on regular business purchases, like office supplies and copying at Staples, gasoline for my car, restaurants, and construction supplies for my home and office remodeling (contact Chase; actually contact any credit card company and tell them you're shopping around for the best cash rewards program. Cash is generally better than frequent flyer points or gifts). Credit card companies don't tell everyone about these offers. ASK THEM if they have anything better than what you are using now. Threaten to take your business elsewhere. Chase Freedom and Paypal and others now offer 3-5% cash back.

FREE MONEY & Equipment from Staples Office Supply.

Are you a smart shopper?  Staples, and other places, often offer merchandise specials of FREE after rebate. I get them usually even if I don't need them. I just got a new telephone for free that I didn't need, so I donated it to my church who DID need a new one.

Staples also usually has the best price around on photocopying, even driving Officemax/Copymax out of business here. I print my regular stuff on my own personal digital laser printer/copier, but large items, like 4000 copies in my Newsletter, I print there to save the wear and tear on my own machine. If your copying expense is over $100 per quarter, you get 10% cash back as a credit. I just got a new leather office chair with 5 vibrating motors for $10 after using my credit! 5/05 Update: I just got a new free bookcase with my credit and had money left over.

2008: Staples has really raised their prices lately. Call everyplace in your yellow pages for the best copying prices.

Check your actual connection speed.

FREE help designing your website. How to design your meta tags to get search engines to find you. And ALL the other stuff necessary to get found and listed.  I love this website, and am still learning stuff. You can bet I have it bookmarked in my favorites. Do your own search for other websites like this that may be helpful to you.  Check out .

Here's my own tip. If you have a Fuller Brush website, and have links taking people to another website, even, format them to open a NEW window! Otherwise, your website is gone and lost from their screen, and you may have lost a customer.

Got your own website? Get it found with search engines. Paid listings obviously work the best, but start off with the free stuff. Get added to newsletters with lots of website tips, like how to use meta tags to get your site recognized by search engines.

I also recommend: Free META Tag Help Analyzer to correctly build and submit your website.

Here are some of my favorite FREE website design links, even though I haven't had time to use all of them yet. Free GIF button generator

FREE 411 - INTERNET PHONE BOOK or will find you just about anyone, and their address, without the expensive fee charged by the phone companies.

An easier tip:  If you have a google toolbar, and know a phone number, type the phone number into the google search window, and you'll get info on who it belongs to. Great for identifying the numbers on your caller ID.

$AVE $$ on your Income Taxes

As an Independent Distributor, you are responsible for keeping accurate income and expense records, and for reporting your income to the Federal Government. The IRS has a very helpful site, offering free downloads of tax forms, publications, and instructions. Visit the IRS web site for help in preparing your income tax return as an Independent Distributor. A Schedule C will show you the main expenses that you should keep track of as legal deductions. Keep track of long distance phone charges, internet charges, postage, mileage, advertising, Fuller business supplies, and many more things that you can legally subtract directly from your income. You'll also want to download the following publications:

Free Income Tax Software!

If you have a home or business, your tax situation can get complicated. Accountants are really expensive. You can save lots of money doing your taxes yourself, especially if you have tax preparation software, but that costs money too - until now.  You can use "TaxAct" for FREE.  Get a jump start on your own tax return, and exactly what you should keep track of to deduct as a Fuller Brush business owner. Download TaxAct today at .

When considering ANY business opportunity, I also recommend the Worldwide Scam Network as a place to bookmark among your favorites at .  They have had some very interesting stories about some big MLM names like Skybiz, Global Prosperity, etc.   Don't fall for buying an expensive internet mall.


This is a very popular hobby (my favorite). You'll find many helpful websites in any internet search. Or, just go to Cyndi's List to get a list of just about all of them.

But then, how do you organize all those generations of ancestors and cousins? You need a genealogy program. Family Tree Maker is one of the most popular, but it also has the most complaints about things it won't do, and they come out with a new upgrade to pay for every year. 

I attended a genealogy forum comparing many different programs. The conclusion was that two programs are exceptional, and one of them is absolutely FREE. For most people the FREE version of Legacy will do everything that you want. They also have a paid fancy version. Download it FREE here.

See my Maine Families website at

Click here if you'd like to read about a legitimate business opportunity, going back to our Home page.

The Fuller Brush Gold Program presented by the DownEast Winning Team.

If you are looking at a business opportunity other than the Fuller Brush Company, email me regarding what you are looking for in a business, and I'll give you my honest opinion and advice. Some people who like overpriced nutrition products do great in those type of companies. Someone makes money in almost any program; I like Fuller Brush because nearly ANYBODY can make money with it, and we have substance to our program that keeps us a legal, above reproach business opportunity.