If you were one of my 1200 distributors, you aren't anymore. The Company took away all distributors and referral bonuses on Oct 1, 2016, to handle themselves.   June 2018 Update.


 THANK YOU to all my distributors over the years who tried to keep Fuller Brush in business.   I at least, appreciate your efforts and support.

 Jan 5, 2018 - Larry Gray finally gives us an update on the new owners. Fuller Brush was sold to Galaxy Brush LLC of Lakewood NJ (note that location since there is a different Galaxy Brush in PA.)  What about us? They can't be bothered with us anymore. He says "SOME" distributors may be allowed to sell the products (I heard it may be case-lots only).  [NOTE: A google search for corporate information shows that Galaxy was only formed in late 2017.]

 March 8 & 21, 2018 - more info from the grapevine. I get lots of calls from old-timers and leaders, "this is what I've heard, what have you heard?" Unfortunately, nothing directly from Fuller itself.  Now that David Sabin is gone, Fuller Industries (the Kansas factory) told them that they are willing to manufacture the products again.  This was to be the ONLY way that Fuller USA had any future as far as I'm concerned. China is NOT what people buy Fuller Brush for.
  I did email Larry Gray with many specific questions. I got a reply with my questions ignored, other than a vague "picking and packing individual products costs too much", and that "retail prices will be higher".  He does seem to be an officer in this new company, making decisions "as good as" the decisions that put Fuller out of business the first time.
  Higher prices? Indeed. One person who called me lives in NJ near Galaxy, and got through the intermediaries to the guy in charge to ask questions, and they seem to have not even heard of Fuller before buying it. He had no conception of the distributor system, or even what the regular prices were, or why they should ship to our customers. He said he saw new Fuller products on Amazon, and Galaxy said, that is us, and the distributor contract will have a stipulation that they will not undercut any company prices, or they will lose purchasing rights.  [I thought price fixing was illegal?] Checking Amazon, our $9.99 Laundry Stain Spray is $21.99. The Carpet Sweepers are now $59.99. Other products have doubled in price.   So... I assume the case lot price will be half-price or so, meaning we will be paying what last year was the full retail price.  I can't picture this business plan keeping them in business for much more than a year. Good bye Fuller Brush. Mismanaged again before they even get started. 

June 4, 2018 UPDATE
 That April sales hotline told us to email them for a "questionnaire" to see if we deserved an application to sell. I got it back immediately, and it was a simple page asking how much we planned to sell every month, and our method of operation, and if we would honor their map system.  I told them I would not honor any territory on the map, I sold nationwide. I also told them I had no idea how much I would be selling because of all the various rumors and no facts from them.  What is the product line? We've heard it will be much smaller.  Really only case lots? What will the retail and wholesale prices be? Will you at least direct-ship case lots to our customers?  And if we do get started, will you really blackball us and refuse to sell to us if we sell below your retail prices?  My former top retailer said his sales dropped dramatically after the new company started internet ads taking his business away. So they also lost him and his $30,000/month.

 I sent that in a month ago and have yet to hear any acknowledgment. I even emailed Larry Gray, my supposed Fuller Brush buddy, to ask him, and still cannot receive the time of day from him. I think he's ashamed to face me, after encouraging me all these years to recruit and train more people, and then they took them all away without compensation.

 If I, as one of their Top Ten distributors for a couple decades, cannot even get a reply from them, anyone reading this might as well move on and forget about Fuller Brush and Stanley. They seem to have no phone numbers in operation because I've been unable to reach any department or person via phone. If they can't even acknowledge me after 26 years, then I return the favor. They have lost all the respect that I ever had for them.  I continue to finish selling off my inventory. If you have inventory, I'll try to connect you with customers.

 June 30, 2018 UPDATE
 I finally did receive an acknowledgement to my "application for an application", saying that they knew I would not be happy with their company (and still not answering any of my questions or explaining), but good luck with whatever I do.  (Quote:
"In regards to your application I donít see how you would be happy with the above program." ) Sort of like shaking your hand, and stabbing you in the back with the other. 

 I did hear from some distributors who did receive an application, though. Even they recommend taking the application to your attorney before signing. Who has an attorney???  They said this dozen-page application has so much red tape covering the company's ass and enabling them to make sure the applicant signs away any rights that they have. They can terminate you for just looking cross-eyed at them, it seems.  I'm sure this page here would get me terminated.

 They did say that I could purchase from someone who they did approve, though. "Approximately 30% commission less 14% shipping" leaves you with nothing worth your time. Especially when 30% off the new prices is more than last year's retail prices, and the Company itself is actively competing to take away any business you find.

 I have also heard from distributors and customers that the fullerdirect customer lists that you spent your money acquiring and building, are Fuller's customers now, with them receiving solicitations bypassing us.

 I continue getting many complaints on the phone because I DO have my phone on my website, and the deceptive websites do not, and people can't get their products or complain about being charged much more than advertised on TV or the web (esp for Spray N Sparkle Window Cleaner).

 As I've said before, RIP Fuller Brush & Stanley, mismanaged more than ever.



Presented by Roland Rhoades, Fuller Brush Division Director, & Head of The DownEast Winning Team
 26 Years Providing Customer Service and Distributor Training
10 Blackberry Lane - Gorham ME 04038

Posted on my Facebook page 3/3/2017:

Thank you #FullerBrushCompany RIP for being so mis-managed that you are putting your thousands of distributors out of business along with yourselves. My bonus check for Jan 2017 was $39. Ten years earlier in Jan 2007, my retail team volume for that one month was $103,112.
Long way from my high point building my Fuller team business to over $1-million in sales per year in 2006-2008. After that period, the backorders started mushrooming, Fuller actually told my team members that I was training, to slow down and save some products for other distributors and that we were taking up too much time placing orders, so many large salespeople got disgusted and left. And then on Oct 1, 2016, Fuller stole my entire team that I had built, saying they would handle all the distributors themselves, which turned into so much work that they started charging distributors $10 just to place an order, and fired all of Kansas customer service "wasting time" answering questions. Each month shows a continued steady decline in products available. I'm closing out in 2017.

Roland's Closeout Page

Important between-the-lines explanation of the Oct 28 Sales Hotline and other announcements. What does it mean?  Is it suicide?

  * This is MY personal evaluation of what is going on, based on my 25 years with Fuller. - Roland Rhoades.
First, have you wondered about the labeling of our products, "Manufactured for the Fuller Brush Company, Napa CA"?
When Fuller first went bankrupt in 2012, they were rescued by a restructuring that separated the distributor program as "Fuller Brush Co", and the factory remained secure as a separate entity "Fuller Industries Inc." So it is the Fuller factory making the products for the Fuller Brush company. If it is USA, that has meant made by the Kansas Fuller factory.  Luckily, this separation is now saving the factory as they near bankruptcy for 2017.

October 1, 2016 Fuller Brush/ Stanley Home Products changed the whole marketing plan, saying they were "deep in the red", taking away my 1200 distributors that I had advertised for, recruited, trained, and supported, saying all distributors were now direct with the Company.  As a Director I was guaranteed a locked-in 41% or more commission. They told me in October that I was no different than a brand new distributor joining and therefore was back at 26%. Luckily at age 65, I only have to wait it out and sell the USA inventory that I bought at 51% in September, with minor purchases as necessary.  They also increased shipping to 10% with a $9 minimum, including for our customers, making the $7.95 on the catalog order forms obsolete. And they now have a 7-12% customer processing fee on ANY orders not shipping direct to you.  If you don't order online and want to order by phone, they have also added a $10 convenience fee to each order. YES, they are charging you $10 to buy from them! [see your new Distributor Guide in your back office.]  They seem to be reaching to get rid of us as a distraction from them selling to everyone directly.

The Oct 28, 2016 Sales Hotline makes this statement: "At Fuller Brush and Stanley Home Products, we provide top quality products at a great value to customers across the country. As such, we are constantly searching for new products and new suppliers to meet our high standards of quality. Only by searching for new suppliers are we able to make certain that our costs stay competitive, so that we can offer the best value to our customers.  Please be aware that the packaging (such as bottle design or labeling) may change with a new supplier. We fully understand the extreme value of our "tried and proven" formulas . . . therefore, we provide the new supplier with our formulas for production of our products."

So.... what the heck does that mean?  Yes it IS ominous, if you are one of the 95% who joined Fuller to sell real Fuller American-made products.  In my opinion, the Fuller factory is the REAL Fuller. They already announced that the manufacture of Stainless Steel Sponges were being moved to Mexico. Napa CA has no loyalty to the Fuller factory or their Kansas employees at all. Watch the new labels closely to see if they are still USA.

Fuller Brush was saved from bankruptcy in 2012 by David Sabin and Victory Park Capital. These investment companies typically have a 5-year plan. This is the 5th year and they admit to being "deep in the red". Suing has been suggested, but they have nothing to sue. An educated guess is that they are cutting expenses (us distributors, manufacturing expense, etc) to make themselves look better on paper to sell off to somebody else.  A new buyer might recognize the value, history, and heritage of Fuller Brush & Stanley distributors, OR they might just buy a brand name to stick on store shelves. Only time will tell, but I expect that to be in 2017.

I will continue limited selling, concentrating mostly on my inventory. I have purposely not bought anything from Fuller in October 2016, making my total volume drop from $58,000 in September to zero. If you have inventory, tell me and I may have customers for your discontinued products. I encourage you to earn what you can while you can. 

See also the FULLER HISTORY RIP link.