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BOARDWAY-Boudway-Boadway-Budway Family of Orono ME 1852- 
12/2022  adobe-pdf update of first 11 Generations

   20.  John Marshall BOUDWAY (Francis Xavier 7, Francois Xavier 6, Francois 5, Joseph 4, Jacques 3, Jacques 2, Solon 1) was born on 15 Mar 1847 in St Francois, Beauce, QC and died on 13 Sep 1919 in Farmingdale, Kennebec, ME at age 72.

Marriage Returns of Penobscot Co v6 p92 has: John M Boardway & Mary Pooler both of Orono, md in Old Town, rep by Orono, 15 June 1871 by J T McFaul, Minister.
Another John married Lavina Spencer 19 May 1868 in Bradley ME. Who? Bradley is one of our family towns.
John and Mary were Roman Catholic and are both buried in St Joseph's Catholic Cemetery in Gardiner, Kennebec, ME. Have photos of gravestones, and of John.
John's d/c gives his b-date of 15 Mar 1847 in St Catherine Canada, res Northern Ave Farmingdale 19y, prev West Gardiner, millwright, parents Francis X Boudway farmer b St Cathrine Canada & Mary A Crozier b England. Bronchitis & Dyspepsia for months.
Bob Chenard found birth records for the family, as Jean Celestin, twin of George Thomas, b 15 Mar 1847 in St Francois, Beauce.
1900 census North St Farmingdale: John Bodway Mar 1847 Canada, Mary  Jan 1855 ME, George Mar 1873, Alice June 1877, Villa Dec 1881, Frank Jan 1885, Willie Apr 1887, Raymond Dec 1898.
April 1910 Census, res North St Farmingdale, dwelling 61. John M Bowdway 63, Can Fr-Can Fr-England, imm 1852, millman in sawmill, out of work 0 weeks in 1909, can read and write, rents home. Mary E 54, 7ch, 5 liv, ME-Can Fr-Can Fr, can read and write. Alice Delaware 32 daughter, mar 1903 husband away, Leona Delaware 5 gdau, Leon 3, Dorris Nov 1909, Ray E Bourdway 12 adopted son.
1920 Farmingdale census, 19 Northern Ave apts: Mary Boardway head Rent 64 wd ME-CanFr- CanFR; Leona Delaware gdau 15; Leon Delaware gson 13; Doris Delaware gdau 10; Raymond Boardway son 22.
John Boudway built a house out on Monkey Lane in West Gardiner, but it burnt down before they moved in.

John married Mary E POOLER, daughter of Olivier 'Levi' POOLER and Lucy LASHER, on 15 Jun 1871 in Old Town, Penobscot, ME. Mary was born in Jan 1855 in Belfast, Waldo, ME and died on 14 Jan 1921 in Farmingdale, Kennebec, ME at age 66.

Jan 15 1921 Kennebec Journal p3: Mrs. Mary E. Boudway, widow of the late John Boudway, died suddenly Friday afternoon at her home in Farmingdale, aged 64 years. She was born in Belfast, daughter of the late Levi and Lucy Pooler, and had been a resident of this section for the past 30 years. She leaves four sons, Ray, Frank, William and George, and a daughter, Mrs. W E Dill, all of Farmingdale.
D/C says res of North St Farmingdale for 20y, prev Hallowell age 64 b Belfast, dau of Levi Pooler farmer & Lucy Pooler, both b Canada, wd of John Boudway; apoplexy and high blood pressure.


Children from this marriage were:

           41       M   i. George Leslie BOUDWAY was born on 25 Mar 1873 in Orono, Penobscot, ME and died on 23 Aug 1929 in Boothbay Harbor, Lincoln, ME at age 56.

           42   F        ii.         Alice BOUDWAY was born on 14 Jun 1877 in Orono, Penobscot, ME and died on 17 Jan 1912 in Farmingdale, Kennebec, ME at age 34.

           43   F       iii.         Mary Arvilla BOUDWAY was born on 4 Dec 1881 in Pittston, Kennebec, ME and died on 6 Feb 1960 in Gardiner, Kennebec, ME at age 78.

           44   M     iv.         Frank Edward BOUDWAY was born on 18 Jan 1885 in Orono, Penobscot, ME and died on 10 Jul 1968 in Gardiner, Kennebec, ME at age 83.  Married Agnes Peterson - Swedish ancestry here - NEW PAGE Feb 2014

Want to hear something EERIE?

I've been doing lots of Boudway research lately [2011-2012] and creating some Boudway pages on my website. At the foot of my bed is my wall of ancestral photos. A few days ago, I woke up around dawn and my cat Eli also woke up and started staring at the photo of my great grandfather Frank Boudway (1885-1968), just him, none of the other photos on the wall. Then he jumped up on the dresser and reached up pawing the photo, looking, and pawing some more. This went on for quite a few minutes. Wondered if Gramp was watching over me and encouraging my research putting together all the descendants of the Boudway family tree.

Well, the next day I was searching for some water-testing papers everywhere and couldn't find them. I checked the cubbyhole shelves unit on my back desk that I never use. I found a stationery box and looked inside. It was the funeral guestbook of my great grandfather. Inside it were laminated obituaries and funeral cards for my g-grandparents and others that I don't remember ever seeing before. My grandmother must have given them to me at one time. I had been searching for his obit for years, and couldn't even find it in the newspaper microfilm.

           45   M      v.         William Albert BOUDWAY was born on 7 Apr 1887 in Randolph, Kennebec, ME and died on 13 Jul 1939 in Farmingdale, Kennebec, ME at age 52.

                   M     vi.         Jessie A BOUDWAY was born on 1 Dec 1895 in West Gardiner, Kennebec, ME and died on 19 May 1896 in West Gardiner, Kennebec, ME.

                   M    vii.         Raymond Earl Davis (Adpt) BOUDWAY was born on 13 Dec 1897 in Gardiner, Kennebec, ME and died on 19 Feb 1963 in Poland, Androscoggin, ME at age 65.
Raymond Davis was adopted by John & Mary Boudway. WW I draft registration card gives his birthdate, res 100 Northern Ave Farmingdale, mother Mary E Boudway same address, shoemaker with Johnson Bros in Hallowell; med ht and build, brown eyes and hair. 
1921 M/C: Raymond is a Lineman and Millicent is a typist. Raymond was adopted but it says his parents were John M Boudway b St Catherine, Canada & Mary Pooler b Belfast. Her parents are Herbert Tracy b Livermore Falls & Edna Putman b Peru ME.
Raymond married Millicent Izala TRACY on 26 Dec 1921 in Augusta, Kennebec, ME. Millicent was born in 1901 in Mechanic Falls, Androscoggin, ME and died on 8 Jul 1973 in Portland, Cumberland, ME at age 72.


 I freely share my genealogy research, but ask that you NOT upload to any website that in turn sells that material on CD, or otherwise assumes that they have publishing rights. Thanks.


Click on photos for larger versions (of most) or before copying for your personal use. Thanks.
NOTE: I am not happy with the quality of these B&W scans. I learned at a genealogy meeting that they can come out cleaner by just taking a [steady and straight-on] digital photo of the old photo. So that's what I will be doing when I find time.


3 gravestones in the Boudway lot

St Joseph's Catholic Cemetery, Gardiner


Mary Pooler b 1855-7 on right???

Ca 1900: Alice Boudway Delaware on left; others unknown. Alice b 1877 had one sister, Arvilla (md Wm Dill) born 5 years later, and of course a mother, Mary Pooler. It is my GUESS that that is who the other two women are, but I'd like to hear from someone who KNOWS.

Has anyone ever seen a similar photo with any of these people?

Anybody have a copy without the white spots?

Wedding Photo of Frank Boudway (son of John) & Agnes Peterson 1909 - see SWEDEN webpage for my Pettersson & Gross families.

click for larger copies

Dorothy & Marion Boudway, children of Frank & Agnes

Children of Frank & Agnes Boudway: Marion Rhoades, Edward Boudway, & Dorothy 'Dot' Rankin.
All these color photos are probably from Rolie & Marion's 60th Anniversary Party in 1989.

Click for larger copy of Frank Boudway's WWI draft registration. See Gardiner Cemeteries for Rankin & Boudway stones.

See Farmingdale Cemeteries for other Boudways, Dill, Jordan, Rhoades.

Frank Edward Boudway

and his sister

Mary Arvilla Boudway Dill

click for larger copies

Boudway 4-Generations
taken Easter April 13, 1952

Oldest to Youngest

Frank Edward Boudway 1885
Marion Boudway Rhoades 1911
Roland Edward Rhoades Sr 1930
Roland Edward Rhoades Jr 1951


Maxine Boudway & Roland Rhoades in front

David Bailey & Ralph Dill in back.

taken 1989

Doris Delaware Jackson
on left
middle person unknown
taken 1989


Maxine Boudway

Dot Boudway Rankin

taken 1989

Maxine Boudway


Doris Delaware Jackson




XMAS 1964



Feb 20, 1968

Boudways including Marion Rhoades, Dot Rankin, Thelma & Eddie Boudway







Frank, Muriel, Roland Sr, Lynda w/doll, Roland Jr, Marion


Boudway spouses:

Butch Nuzzo


Roland Rhoades



More Photos, Cemeteries of above families coming soon.
Send me your photos please.